How we speak reflects how we think. Good teammates are especially effective at conveying their thoughts through their words. Here are six phrases good teammates use:

1.  Sincerely, thank you.

Good teammates are appreciative of others. Projecting a clear “attitude of gratitude” is of paramount importance to good teammates. When others know their actions are appreciated, they are far more likely to repeat those actions. Repeated “good teammate moves” are what move the team forward. Good teammates consistently recognize others’ “good teammates moves”—with sincerity.

2.  The pleasure is mine.

The good folks at Chick-fil-A understand the value of this phrase. Related to the previous point, good teammates appreciate it when their “good teammate moves” are recognized. Only good teammates aren’t content to respond with the expected “you’re welcome.” Good teammates let others know that serving is their purpose, and pursuing their purpose is pleasurable.

3.  I’m so happy for you.

The only thing that destroys a team quicker than apathy is jealousy. Apathy keeps team members from acting, but jealousy motivates team members to engage in destructive action. Good teammates are never jealous of the achievements of other team members. Good teammates understand that when one team member achieves, the entire team achieves. To ward off jealousy, express your happiness for teammates’ achievements.

4.  I’m proud to be your teammate.

While good teammates value character over reputation, they realize that being part of a team means their reputation is affected by the actions of the other members of the team. Whenever someone on the team does something that reflects positively on the entire team, good teammates feel a sense of pride. They let that person know they are proud to be their teammate.

5.  You’re making a difference.

Making sacrifices for the betterment of the team can be both physically and emotionally taxing. Good teammates remind others that their sacrifices are not in vain. Being reminded that prioritizing the needs of the team over self-interests validates sacrifices and discourages regret. Let your teammates know their sacrifices and their actions are making a difference.

6.  Don’t stop.

We all need encouragement, especially when the fruits of our labor are slow to materialize. Uttering these two simple words—don’t stop—can be the difference between teammates failing or succeeding. Encouraging a teammate who is struggling influences the path of your team’s journey. It’s not enough for you to be filled with determination. To be a good teammate, you need to encourage those around you to also be determined. (And if you’ve got a good teammate on your team, tell them: “Don’t ever stop being you.”)

As always…Good teammates care. Good teammates share. Good teammates listen. Go be a good teammate.

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