I am so excited…soooooo excited…to announce the release of my new book, The WE Gear: How Good Teammates Shift from Me to We!!!

I wholeheartedly believe this book to be a game changer for any team, as it offers an insightful look into the art of being a good teammate.

The WE Gear will officially go on sale at midnight (EDT) on November 19th. Please mark your calendars and plan to purchase a copy that day!

Over the course of the next few weeks I will be providing additional details as well as highlighting different aspects of the book. (We want to get you excited too!)

Today, I am giving you the description from the book’s inside jacket cover:


Are you tired of selfishness contaminating your team?

Are you looking for strategies to help those on your team become better teammates?

Would you like to become a better teammate?

Everyone wants teamwork on their team, but teamwork doesn’t happen without good teammates—individuals whose unique way of thinking propels their team to success no matter what team they’re on. Whether it’s sports, family, school, work, or friends, the attitude is similar.

The We Gear takes you inside the fascinating mindset of a good teammate.

Through inspiring stories and powerful lessons, you’ll explore the art of being a good teammate while discovering the five keys to shifting your focus from me to we.

Most people operate in the me gear: What’s in it for me? How does this benefit me?

Good teammates take a different approach. They abandon self-serving motives and consider what’s best for their team. Their approach improves team dynamics and applies to situations ranging from bullying to addiction.

If you want to be a better teammate, coach, teacher, employee, boss, spouse, friend, or parent, The WE Gear is for you!


Mark your calendars!  November 19th. The WE Gear is coming…

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