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About Lance

Lance Loya is the founder and CEO of The Good Teammate Factory. As a leading authority on the good teammate mindset, he specializes in getting individuals to shift into the We Gear and change their focus from me to we!

A college basketball coach turned author, blogger, and professional speaker, he is known for his enthusiastic personality and his passion for transforming teambusters into teammates.

Lance believes everybody is part of a team in some capacity, and every affliction facing our society comes down to people not being good teammates. He has inspired readers and audiences around the globe with this impactful message through his books, keynotes, and seminars.

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How do teammates shift into the We Gear?

  • Acknowledge the existence of the Me Gear where everything is about you and for your own personal benefit.
  • Recognize the significance of Clutch moments before you shift gears and act on impulses.
  • Consider the ripple effect that your choices will have on your teammates prior to making decisions.
  • Understand the power of We and the idea that We is greater than Me.
  • Prioritize the various teams to which you belong, so you have the clarity to identify your true purpose.

What does it mean to be a teammate who’s A.L.I.V.E.?

  • Active—Be a person of action and have the courage to confront sources of toxicity.
  • Loyal—Stay away from cliques and honor your commitment to the team.
  • Invested—Build bonds by taking a genuine interest in what inspires the other members on your team.
  • Viral—Understand emotional contagion and master your body language so your energy spreads through the team.
  • Empathetic—Make an effort to understand the intent of the action and what it feels like to be your teammate.

Are you a good teammate? Your team’s potential for achieving success is ultimately dependent upon your answer to this question. Take this FREE quiz to assess what kind of teammate you are. The results can be more revealing than you realize!

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Learn From A Course

Learn how to develop a team-first mindset. This interactive online course is designed to help teams gain greater insight into the art of being a good teammate. It is an ideal way to improve teamwork, reduce selfishness, and draw team members closer to together.

Download Posters

Download FREE motivational posters. These posters contain messages that encourage good teammate behaviors. Post them in offices, locker rooms, classrooms, or any place where teams meet. They are great for creating a team-first culture and facilitating success!

The Good Teammate Podcast

Prefer to listen instead of read? Explore the art of being a good teammate in these audio selections from Lance Loya’s popular Teammate Tuesday blog. You can also download past episodes and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts.

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