About Lance

Lance Loya is the founder and CEO of The Good Teammate Factory and the creator of National Be a Good Teammate Day.

As a leading authority on team dynamics, he specializes in getting individuals to shift into the We Gear and change their focus from me to we. Other experts concentrate on improving teamwork, but Lance concentrates on improving the teammate. Lance’s method works!

A former college basketball coach turned best-selling author, blogger, podcaster, and professional speaker, he is known for his enthusiastic personality and his passion for transforming teambusters into teammates.

Lance is the author of nine books on the subject of being a good teammate, including The WE Gear, which made Forbes’ list of “20 Books to Make You a Better Coach or Mentor,” and the heartwarming children’s book Be a Good Teammate.

He is a rare two-time recipient of the prestigious Schoenfeld Award for Sportsmanship, Character, and Ethics, as presented by the Collegiate Basketball Officials Association.

As a former intercollegiate student-athlete, Lance was an academic All-American. He holds an undergraduate degree in theatre and a master’s degree in sports management.

Prior to becoming a coach, he honed his speaking skills as a radio morning show disc jockey.

Lance believes everybody is part of a team in some capacity, and every affliction facing our society comes down to people not being good teammates. He has inspired readers and audiences around the globe with this impactful message through his books, keynotes, and seminars.

Lance’s Be A Good Teammate Story

Lance was content to be a basketball coach until a turbulent plane ride changed the trajectory of his life and gave him a new purpose.

While traveling home from watching one of his players receive the NABC Allstate Good Works Award at the NCAA Final Four in Dallas, Texas, Lance had an epiphany. As he bounced around the cabin of his rough flight, he wondered, “What if this plane goes down?”

That frightening thought caused him to think about his two pre-school aged daughters and to consider what one final bit of advice he would want to pass onto them, should his life come to a sudden and unexpected end.

The advice he decided upon? Be a good teammate.

His daughters will always be part of a team in some capacity. If they can be good teammates, they will always have friends and a strong support network. People want to surround themselves with good teammates.

If they can be good teammates, they will always have financial stability. Companies can’t wait to hire good teammates—people who put the needs of the company ahead of their own agendas.

If they can be good teammates, they will find purpose in their live. People who serve have purpose. Purpose leads to happiness. What more could any parent hope for than for their children to have happiness in their life?

Lance’s attempt to convey that advice to his daughters came in the form of his children’s book Be A Good Teammate.

As that book grew in popularity, he found himself being repeatedly asked to write an adult version of the book, because as one zealous principal eloquently stated, “We’ve got some people who work here who don’t know how to be a good teammate.”

In response to the recurring demand, Lance’s authored the adult nonfiction title Building Good Teammates: The Story of My Mount Rushmore, a Coaching Epiphany, and That Nun.

Through the course of his research for the book, and his subsequent exploration of what it means to be a good teammate, Lance developed an obsession with the topic. The rest of the story is, as they say, history.

His mission in life is to make a positive impact on others by getting them to become better teammates. Because…the world cannot have too many good teammates!

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