10 Reasons To Book Lance

1. YOU NEED TO HEAR A NEW AND FRESH IDEA Every successful organization craves teamwork. Lance takes a radically different approach to creating and improving teamwork by concentrating on building teammates. Good teamwork doesn’t happen without good teammates.

2. YOU WANT A CUSTOMIZED PRESENTATION Lance can and will adapt his entire presentation to your audience. He has literally delivered his message to audiences ranging from elementary students to foster grandparent programs. He will work with you to ensure the program is catered to the needs of your group.

3. YOU WANT SOMEONE WHO’S EASY TO WORK WITH Lance is a living, breathing good teammate…and he will be one with you too! There’s nothing pretentious about him. He is very down to earth and has a genuine interest in partnering with you and serving your needs. You will love his accessibility.

4. YOU WILL GET A DEFINITIVE RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT Booking Lance will pay immediate dividends! Audiences cannot hear his message without being impacted by what he has to say. A seed will be planted and they will leave with a clear understanding of what they can to do to be a better teammate.

5. YOU WANT INSPIRATION AND NOT JUST MOTIVATION Motivation is like throwing gasoline on a fire. There’s a sudden burst to the flame, which can have value, but that value can be fleeting. Inspiration is like plugging an endless supply of propane into the fire. Lance’s presentations inspire audiences to want to be better.

6. YOU WANT SOMEONE WHO CAN IMPACT YOUR CULTURE Lance has a unique ability to reach people’s hearts, and creating that kind of connection unequivocally leads to positive change. He will entrench the practices of a good teammate into the DNA of your group. His message compels audiences to buy in to their team’s culture.

7. YOU NEED SUBSTANCE AND NOT JUST THEORY You want someone who can deliver tangible strategies and takeways. Lance is not just a speaker, he’s an authority who speaks. He is generous and willingly shares all of the necessary tools to put your game plan into action.

8. YOU NEED A REAL COACH Everyone thinks they can coach, right? WRONG!!! Lance has experience as an actual college sports coach. That means he understands necessities like motivation, inspiration, training, and pregame pep talks. He will use his experience to influence the mindset of your audience.

9. YOU WILL GET SOMEONE WHO IS FULLY COMMITTED Lance will speak with you in-depth before the program to ensure it is everything you need it to be. He will also follow up with you to debrief after the program is over. And…he will even provide you with all slides and handouts. He is invested in your continued success!

10. YOU HAVE A PROBLEM AND YOU NEED A SOLUTION Lance is a problem solver! He can help reduce your stress level by creating awareness and challenging the mindset of your toxic teammates. His simple methodology can assist you in tackling seemingly complex problems.

The impact Lance had on our staff went beyond my expectations!  The staff enjoyed his energy and message and it filtered throughout the school.  Just what we were looking for!

Cassandra Porter

President, WV Principals Association

We really enjoyed Lance’s discussion and his talk on being a good teammate. What he talked about is essential for any school striving for greatness.

Robert O'Connor

Superintendent, Edna ISD

I worked with Lance to customize his presentation to two different audiences. I expected to hear much of the same during the second presentation, but Lance had different stories for each audience that were specifically geared to the needs of each audience. Both groups were engaged and were able to think of ways to connect his principles to their daily work.

Shelee Duke

Texas Region 10 ESC

I wanted to let you know that the teachers truly enjoyed your book, as well as your presentation. Everyone that attended spoke very highly of you. Thank you for coming we needed it!!!

Jessica Whaley

Marion County Schools


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10 Reasons to Book Lance.


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