Teammate Tuesdays

Lance Loya is back with another insightful attempt to answer the burning question: What does it mean to be a good teammate?

Not long ago, the former basketball coach set out on a journey to discover an answer to that question. The journey began with the publication of his children’s book “Be a Good Teammate,” and it continued with his adult nonfiction title “Building Good Teammates: The Story of My Mount Rushmore, a Coaching Ephiphany, and That Nun.”

His journey eventually led to the launch of a successful weekly blog, where every Tuesday morning he shared what he discovered—his musings—about the art of being a good teammate. This book is a compilation of the entire second year of that blog.

In Teammate Tuesdays Volume II, you’ll gain invaluable insight into the good teammate mindset. Lance’s musings will inspire you to want to be a better teammate and equip you with the tools to help individuals on your team do the same.

Everybody is part of a team in some capacity, so why not make the effort to be a good teammate?

For personalized copies or bulk orders, please email info@coachloya.com.


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(*The Teammate Tuesdays book series can be read in any order. Each chapter is an independent story.)

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