The Good Teammate Podcast: Season 3

Prefer to listen instead of read? Explore the art of being a good teammate in these audio selections from Lance Loya’s popular Teammate Tuesday blog. You can also download past episodes and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts.

Season 3

Season 3 | Episode 1

Nice Guys Are the Only Ones Who Finish

Lance debunks a popular sports quote from legendary baseball player Leo “The Lip” Durocher.

Season 3 | Episode 2

Purposeful Acts of Kindness

A Mr. Rogers expression explains why there should be nothing “random” about kindness.

Season 3 | Episode 3

A Frozen Mindset

The theme song from a hit Disney movie offers an alternative mindset for good teammates.

Season 3 | Episode 4

State Your Empathy

A communication hack minimizes the potential for misunderstandings by conveying empathy.

Season 3 | Episode 5

Unconquerable Gladness

A sign from Franklin Roosevelt’s desk offers insight to a key good teammate behavior..

Season 3 | Episode 6

Managing Inconvenience

A country song emphasizes the differences in how three types of teammates handle inconvenience.

Season 3 | Episode 7

Selfishness Awareness

Construction causes a traffic jam that illustrates the impact self-awareness can have on teams.

Season 3 | Episode 8

Walking on Eggshells

A cliché about treading lightly provides understanding to the way good teammates operate.

Season 3 | Episode 9

Trapped in Your Circle

An airport trinket explains the influence your circle of friends can have on your psyche.

Season 3 | Episode 10

Caroline the Compassionate

A Walgreens employee demonstrates how compassionate teammates can build loyalty.

Season 3 | Episode 11

Because We’ve Seen a Thing or Two

An insurance company advertisement provides a basis for valuing experienced teammates.

Season 3 | Episode 12

Chipless Motivation

A Walt Disney insight details why successful people are not driven by a chip on their shoulder.

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