The Good Teammate Podcast: Season 6

Prefer to listen instead of read? Explore the art of being a good teammate in these audio selections from Lance Loya’s popular Teammate Tuesday blog. You can also download past episodes and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts.

Season 6

Season 6 | Episode 1

The Crumpled Aspect

A teacher’s bullying exercise equips team members with empathy and effective coping strategies.

Season 6 | Episode 2

A One Percent Teammate

A modern update to an old coaching adage provides a standard for being a good teammate.

Season 6 | Episode 3

The Curious Case of Good Teammates

Curiosity plays a vital role in three distinct aspects of team success.

Season 6 | Episode 4

Insist on the Rise, Resist the Pull

A response to a mother’s email supplies advice for overachievers dealing with jealous teammates.

Season 6 | Episode 5

Don’t Panic

An observation reveals three strategies good teammates employ to prevent panicking.

Season 6 | Episode 6

Inform, Inspire, Inflame

A story about competitive siblings offers insight into the purpose of healthy communication.

Season 6 | Episode 7

Five Rules for Confronting Your Teammates

Adhering to a set of five rules eases the difficulty associated with confronting errant team members.

Season 6 | Episode 8

The Five Teammates Everybody Needs

Helping a struggling teammate procure a team of these five individuals can be an impactful contribution.

Season 6 | Episode 9

The S.E.A. Approach

A three-prong alternative approach to New Years’ resolutions can set teammates up for success.

Season 6 | Episode 10

Redemption Through Reinvention

An addiction recovery concept helps wayward teammates regain acceptance.

Season 6 | Episode 11

Sandpaper Teammates

A woodworking analogy explains how a coveted skill can keep confrontations from becoming feuds. 

Season 6 | Episode 12

Nice Job, Buddy!

A story about a conflicted middle schooler illustrates how teammates should handle mimicry.

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