The Good Teammate Podcast: Season 5

Prefer to listen instead of read? Explore the art of being a good teammate in these audio selections from Lance Loya’s popular Teammate Tuesday blog. You can also download past episodes and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts.

Season 5

Season 5 | Episode 1

The Humility to Listen

A failed Coca-Cola product launch demonstrates how good teammates should deal with feedback.

Season 5 | Episode 2

Givers, Takers, Shakers, & Bakers

Discover why the most successful teams are comprised of these four types of teammates.

Season 5 | Episode 3

When the Tooth Fairy Fails

A tooth fairy gaffe teaches an important lesson about making and handling mistakes.

Season 5 | Episode 4

Big Frank’s Morning Beverage

A burly man’s unexpected response to a barista’s bad news teaches a valuable lesson on perspective.

Season 5 | Episode 5

Uneasy Is the Crown, But Not Heavy

A misquoted Shakespeare line explains a useful leadership strategy for making tough decisions.

Season 5 | Episode 6

Elevator Teammates

Team members can impact the growth and development of their teams by adopting these two habits.

Season 5 | Episode 7

Conceal, Feel, and Let Them Heal

A tween’s Barbie doll collection offers insights into helping a grieving teammate cope with loss.

Season 5 | Episode 8

Oxygen Mask Omissions

Familiarity with pre-flight instructions lead to an overlooked component of purposeful self-care.

Season 5 | Episode 9

Dismissive and Defensive

An alternative approach to criticism allows teammates to become better versions of themselves.

Season 5 | Episode 10

Breaking the Brutal Truth

Delivering a message without brutality facilitates an endearing good teammate characteristic.

Season 5 | Episode 11

The Eyes Have It

A team leader’s quip prompts thoughts about the role eyes play in being a good teammate.

Season 5 | Episode 12

Confining Moments

A teacher’s lack of forethought illustrates how to turn defining moments into confining moments.

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